Gallipoli Selahattin Kemerli Canned Food

The biggest race of man himself believes in his race . Our efforts for the sake of our ideals , just as labor is given to son . That labor of love , if not how he becomes so large . If you start out with this philosophy inevitably find yourself in a race .

I grow , the way they continue to show the importance of solidarity . I sardines granddaddy our manufacturing our struggle alive , I want to tell since the foundation of the factory :
Gallipoli, Turkey, and even written one of the places in world history . Of great historical importance . Every year thousands of people come to visit this land . Nature , the weather is also very nice , but the most beautiful in the world of sardines is said to be in the Dardanelles . And " the girl Brand " Canned sardines are almost become a myth . Salted fish, anchovies as crossties , pickling in brine is famous.

Until the 1970s, there were at Gallipoli 7-8 cannery . But once they all started off repeatedly . Today I'm trying to pursue my Selahattin canned heirloom plant is one of three remaining .

Our factory was established in 1950 by my father Selahattin Arch . My grandfather, my grandfather would be doing this all his siblings . The factory had its golden age until the 1970s , until the morning , hundreds of workers if the fish prints . In 1973, while taking my father to sell manufactured goods has died in a traffic accident .

And the biggest remaining 17 years old mother of three small girls Halimar Arched woman's name is not in business at the beginning of an era factory in the past. For twenty years, braving all difficulties had provided employment for hundreds of workers . All Gallipolians no compromise in the struggle for the day to come to work until the morning the presence of women has imposed such a work .

In 1995, when my mother passed away this factory is now the head of the business for us is not just a job earned money , it is always a part of my life , I was already in this business since my childhood I've noticed.

This work connects me such sacred relics of the family consisting of m , or salted fish would be no fear of a cultural heritage that I do not know ?

In spite of everything these days Selahattin Canned open their doors every day with all the staff at the traditional flavors of salted fish , the anchovy , sardines girls and pervert . From Istanbul to Izmir , Antalya, Bodrum Turkey over the next distribution is made. From time to time participate in military procurement , trout, anchovies preserved are produced and delivered .

"Fish business in our facility Capacity Expansion and Product Diversification Towards the Implementation of New Production Technologies" project TC The overall coordination of the Ministry of Development in the Republic of Turkey South Marmara Development Agency funded by the reference number TR22/13/TDSG1/0041 Agro-Industrial Development Financial Assistance Program, is carried out.